We know biodiversity is under heavy threat.

How do we balance a sustainable lifestyle with focus on biodiversity friendly landuse, without risking social unrest and avoiding loss in wealth and drop in social comfort?

Our expectations to the future can't be the same, we'r facing radical changes no matter what we do. But it not don with technical fixes alone.
A new balance between human landuse and space for nature is urgently requiret. The enormous impact we as humans kind are responsible for, is in process of changing the whole ecosystem on this planet, and in a speed never seen before.
The conflicts of our time stands in line, yelling louder and louder, competing amongst each other over resources and most needed attention. New solutions in all industries has to go hand in hand with a redused consumption, increate recycling, leaving much more space has to nature.

Growing plants in our cities is one of many highly needed areas where nature is given space. Urban biodiversity is not well developed yet. My pictures here are from projects who explore possibilities to make positive changes inside our city’s