Swedish Lapland

In 2016, after an unusually cold spring, the snow and ice melted months later than expected, causing flooding of the landscapes during July and August. Whereas lack of grass for the reindeers during mid summer had resulted in severe hunger and malnutrition of the calves, the streams and rivers all over northern Lapland now bursted with large amounts of melted water.

On a nine day hike along the famous Kungsleden trail from Abisko til Kiruna, including a climb to the summit of Kebnekaise, the highest point in Sweden, we found ourselves in a close and at times challenging encounter with the wild Nordic nature. With heavy bags and wet feet as constant companions, and while enduring some bitterly cold days, this trip was not exactly a relaxing holiday, or a walk-in-the-park -  nonetheless it was one of the most wonderful, fascinating and rewarding hikes I have experienced to this day.