A life strongly connected to volcanoes  

Indonesia: The rich soil on the slopes of tropical volcanoes attracts many people to settle and establish farms, despite the dangers of eruption and landslides. Worshipping the spirits living in the volcanoes becomes an important ritual to ensure peace, fertility and good yield.  Indonesia is the perfect place to study daily life on one of its many islands. In the land between the smoking volcanoes and the deap sea, rich with fishing resources you find the hospital Indonesian people living lives i n an mix of tradition and moderne lifestyle. A enormous country with potential prosperity, but some places also also extremely danger. With over 7.000 islands and 127 active volcanoes there is always a fair chance to capture daily life with a spectacular background. The effects of climate changes, such as heavy typhoons, but also earthquake and volcanic eruptions are all part of lifeconditions in Indonesia. On top of this you will find all the man-made issues on corruption and ethnical and religious disputes. Yes, there are always snakes in paradise.