Faces in the street  

Dayworkers in the docks of old Dhaka, vendors at the fish market, businessmen enjoying a quick breakfast in a food stall, street beggars, security guards watching over worn buildings, rickshaw drivers - all over Dhaka friendly people welcome us. They seem to enjoy a short break from their daily activities, posing for the camera man. Bangladesh is a heaven for a street-photographer. For me, taking portraits in the street is about breaking the ice and following my instinct. It is about respect, passion and proximity. We do not need a common language, religious beliefs, or even the same cultural background to share a few intense moments. Portraits and black and white photography fit each so other well, bringing focus on the face and the eyes in a timeless atmosphere. These portraits are all taken in central Dhaka, the vibrant capital of Bangladesh. A metropolitan area, home to more than 18 million people and with an yearly increase of  3-400.000 new citizens, Dhaka is the fastest growing mega city on the planet -  though "only" ranking as the 11th largest city in terms of total population.