Glimpses of life

The busy lives of the megacities, the daily chores undertaken by small-town citizens, or countryside people working the fields - inspiration can be found anywhere and everywhere. Me and my camera gear often journey to the remotest rural areas, jungles, and some of the largest cities in the world.

The vibrant street life, marketplaces, sounds of ongoing construction work, the ringing of temple bells during dusk and dawn hours, cultural and religious festivities - all the places where people meet and the occasions that bring people together - serve as drivers for my work as a photographer. 

 The daily routines, hard struggle for survival, unexpected happy moments, kids play during colourful festivals - and in particular the faces revealing the marks, traces and depths of human life - are all essential objects for my photography. Not to forget nature, my favorit space.

This is where I find my inspiration

Please enjoy some of my work

All photos are captured and copyrighted by / Henrik Helweg-Larsen, Tikoeb, Denmark August 2022