Chin People

The tradition says that young Chin Girls are at high risk to be kidnapped by other Tribes so to prevent this they get a Spider Web tattooed all over their Faces. This will scare any Abducts away and keep the Chin Girls at home. Burmese law stoped this practice some 40 years ago, so only the well grown up Woman can proudly poses in front of the Camera shoving there fantastic facial Tattoos. The younger Woman uses other tricks to compete, a natural Powder is popular all over Myanmar as Skincare and a beauty Mask

In the western part of Myanmar, former Burma, just north of Rakhine State, known for the Rohingya tragedy you find the remote Chin State. This Mountain rich Stat borders Bangladesh and India to the West and North. Several big rivers runs south towards the Bay of Bengal providing acces and fertility for the crops.

The Chin  population is estimated to 1.1 million. The State and is only accesable for foringeres with a hard to get permit and only under many restrictions.  Roads are few and transport is primary arranged on small river bouts. Most Villages are located along the Riverbanks. 

Chin people speak many dialekts of Chin language. It's only approximately 10 years ago they got their own written language.This means that most Chine people are still analfabets. They manly lives in rural areas with forestry, hunting, farming and self supplying as main Occupation. Aces to modern Medicin and Hospitals are extremely limited and far too costly for the most. Mobile phones seems to become common among the younger generations. 

Most Chin people are animist in origin but missionary brought Christianity and later Buddhism to these area. Spending days here with these friendly people was a large expiriens and a privilege. 

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