A wonderful and very special place, Madagascar is an island state east of Africa In the Indian Ocean. Life-conditions aren't easy for its 27 millions inhabitants, keeping its unique nature under escalating pressure. As the world 6. poorest population with a BNP at only 450us$/ year, together with a very weak governess, the seen is set: The famous pristine rainforest of East Madagascar has been cut down by more than 80 %. Severe cutting for firewood all over the huge country threatens many endemic species. Heavy overgrazing from traditional zebu oxen it creates erosion, bringing wild life and eco systems under tremendous pressure all over this island; the four’s biggest on the planet. Clay digging for brigs in the rice paddies encouraged by rapider urbanization undermines the fertility leading to reduced food-production. Lag of essential services from the state as basic education, access to modern medicine, and a very poor infrastructure together with high corruption generates a low trust to decision makers. At the same time a hunt for souls is going on, especially the evangelic curtsies are extremely active, Chinese land-grapping is a whole different problem setting poor farmers off there land. Al in all it puts the population of Madagascar in a vulnerable position. Measured in wealth one of the worlds poorest nations, but at the same time one of the most exiting places to visit for its remaining nature, full of endemic spices, exiting landscapes and hospital people. With no international attention Madagascar is pretty much left to it self. And it's a shame, as my pictures hopefully will tell. 

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