Faces in the street  

Dayworkers in Old Dhaka docks, vendors at the fish market, businessmen enjoying a quick breakfast in a food stall, beggars in the street, watchmen guarding worn buildings, rickshaw drivers - All over town friendly people welcomes us, they seems to enjoying at small brake from there daily activities, posing for the camera. Bangladesh is heaven for a street-photographer. For me, portray taking in the street is about braking the ice and follow your instinct. It’s about respect and passion. You don’t need to have a common languish, common religion ore same cultural background to shear a few strong moments like these. Portrays and black and white photography fits each so other well, bringing focus on the face and the eyes in a timeless atmosphere. But I'm often sad to miss out the wonderful colours. These portrays are all taken in Central Dhaka, Bangladesh vibrant capital. A metropol, home to more than 18 million people, including 3-400.000 new city sent every year makes Dhaka the fastest growing mega city on the planet, but "only" ranking it to be no 11 in total population.     

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