Street life - Dhaka, Bangladesh 

Curiosity takes me to less traveled places. In the vibrant chaos im looking for engaged people make a living even with very little resources. Mega cities all over the world may have their opulent skylines and slick shopping quarters, but I often find my motives elsewhere. This series is captured in less faschonable quarters of Dhaka, Bangladesh, in October 2015. A city with estimated 18-20 million people and an annual, explosive growth of 400.000 new citizens - often people drawn to the metropolis in a hope for a better life. These people come from a very poor countryside, ruined by numerous natural disasters like floods, typhoons ore simply bad economy.  People who have seen their farmlands being submerged by the rising rivers and cursed by climate change. Living in the slums and streets of the capital seems to be last option for survival. A city where the streets are buzzy, traffic dense and never rest, be it day or night there is always a change earn a coin.

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