•  My name is Henrik Helweg-Larsen, b. 1965. I live north of Copenhagen, Denmark
  •  Danish photographer who loves to travels alle over the world. A range of subjects comes easy to me; street, people, nature
  • I startet taking pictures in the age of 12 and still loves It. I'we taken many courses during the years. My perhaps most important lesson was a weeklong workshop with Swedish Master Photographer Anders Petersen introducing "Ugly pictures" and imperfection. Fatamogana in Copenhagen 
  • I work with Nikon D810, Raw editing in Capture One
  • As many photographeres I started Analog B/H with dark chamber, It was my favorit for many years. Dia Posetiv was my choise during the late 80' 
  • Printing up to A3+ printing in house. Any size you like can be arranged, as almost any material of your choice is possible.  
  • I work with an open Mind and with a creative Wiew - In crowded Places or alone in the Nature. Indoor I prefer Natural Light when possible. 
  • Street and travel photography are my favorite disciplines as well as Portraits taken in a natural environment. 
  • My customers are found among commercial companies, public institutions, NGO’s, as well as private project.
  • I conduct decoration jobs in close relation with the customer. Art photography, as well as documentation, web projects. 
  • During the years I had several solo exhibitions, as well as group exhibitions in Denmark and in Europa.
  • I won the photo competition Evighedstræer in 2014 with Danmarks Naturforening as well as getting no. two and 4. 
  • Instructor and facilitator at Frames of European Common Life International Photography workshops, 2014-15. 
  • I'm active in Crossing Borders a International NGO working for Human rights out of Copenhagen
  • Feel free to use the contact form for any questions on prices, pictures on stock, prints, exhibitions, ore need a photographer for your next project.

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